West Coast

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Malibu Beach

August 12, 2016

4:30 P.M.

Massie Block sat on the sandy shore of one of the West Coast’s most glamorous beaches. It was yet another hot summer day, due to the blazing sun beating down on the coastline. Massie ran some sand through her manicured fingers as she bobbed her head to the beat of the Chainsmokers newest single ft. Halsey that streamed from her rosegold iPhone 6s.

Summer had slowly drifted away, and with school starting in just a few more weeks, Massie couldn’t believe how fast her vacation had gone by. Pretty soon her thoughts would be filled with fall wardrobe choices and new study habits, instead of which bikini was cutest and which club to hit up Saturday night.

It felt like just yesterday she was celebrating graduation with her four closest friends. Sitting on the beach all the way in Malibu, it all seemed like a distant memory. Thinking of her friends, Massie unlocked her phone and swiped to the Pretty Committee group chat. The girls hadn’t talked much over the summer, but they made sure to send pictures of their travels and keep track of whose summer by far was the most fabulous.

The alpha scrolled through today’s received photos which included; Dylan Marvil kissing a dolphin on her cruise to the Bahamas, Alicia Rivera samba dancing at a night club in Barcelona, Kristen Gregory doing some last minute dorm shopping for move in day at Yale, and Claire Lyons snapping photos of Central Park.

Massie smiled as she exited out of the group chat and clicked to her photos. She scrolled down to a picture of five gorgeous girls in maroon caps and gowns smiling into the camera. Time never slows down Massie thought.

Even though Massie missed the familiarity of home, she would miss LA. Her cousin, Quinn, had been her partner in crime the entire summer, and even though she had never had a sister before she felt like Quinn was pretty close to that. Flying back to Westchester in a few weeks seemed like a lifetime away, and leaving California didn’t even feel right. It was as if going back was apart of the old Massie’s life, high school Massie, alpha Massie. Her old life felt so distant and Massie never wanted to have to say goodbye to the angel city.

A familiar laugh shook Massie from her thoughts as she looked up and saw her drop dead gorgeous cousin. Quinn carried a white and blue surfboard under her arm and sported an all black wet suit that clung to her toned body. She walked with two muscular and tanned surfer boys who smiled as Quinn waved goodbye and jogged away from the waves and over towards her cousin.

“How’s the water?” Massie asked, setting her phone down and pushing her Raybans a little farther up her ski sloped nose. “It’s rad, you totally should have joined!” Quinn said, as she shook the saltwater out of her blonde hair.

Even though Massie had spent the entire summer exploring the magical city of Los Angeles with Quinn, she still refused to set foot on a surfboard. “What are you scared of sharks?” Massie remembered her cousin asking her when she declined Quinn’s offer for a surfing lesson.

The truth was, Massie had never been bad at anything in her life. She was a natural at everything she tried; equestrian riding, student council, even the tennis lessons that Kendra insisted she take. However, surfing just scared Massie enough to even give it a chance. What if she fell? Or looked like a complete idiot in front of Quinn’s hot surfer friends? The point was, Massie would rather save herself the embarrassment and get a killer tan while doing so.

“So what do you want for dinner, M? Sushi or Chinese?” Quinn asked while drying off with a VS beach towel. “It’s up to you Q, but I’m driving!” Massie replied before quickly slipping her tote bag over her shoulder and snatching the keys to the convertible mini cooper out of Quinn’s bag. “Not fair!” Quinn, who was still gathering up her things, yelled. Massie laughed as she took off up the beach and hopped into the drivers seat.

She laughed even harder as she watched her cousin over dramatically pick a wedgie out of her wet suit and try and run up the beach to the car. Quinn opened the passenger door, out of breath and laughing as she buckled up.

“You know,” Quinn breathed, “I sure am gonna miss having you around when you leave back to New York, but I sure won’t miss you jacking my keys.”

Massie threw her head back and laughed as she reversed the Cooper and pulled out of the parking lot. The beach breeze blew the flyaways that had escaped her topknot around her face as she drove off.

“Don’t worry Q, I’ll miss you too.”

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You’re the Spark

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The Block’s Southampton Estate

July 4, 2016

8:21 P.M.


Massie Block rolled a blueberry around the granite countertop island of the Block’s Southampton kitchen. In the middle of the island was Inez’s famous fruit pizza, one of Massie’s favorite deserts made especially for the Block’s Fourth of July party. Massie recalled fond memories of helping Inez frost the large sugar cookie with cream cheese frosting and decorating the pizza with red and blue berries. Massie popped the blueberry she had been playing with inside her mouth before sliding her finger across a corner of the fruit pizza, and sneaking a bite of the delicious frosting.

“Massie!” Kendra’s shrill voice startled Massie and she gave her mother a mischievous smile. Kendra was carrying an empty platter into the kitchen and began refilling it with cheese and crackers.

“Massie, some guests are gathered on the front patio, why don’t you be a good hostess and  go interact.” Massie rolled her eyes before hopping off of the wooden bar stool she was sitting on and turning to the front door. “Oh and Massie!” Massie stopped and turned to her mother who continued to pile the silver tray high with various cheeses. “Your cousin Quinn is here and was asking for you, so make sure you say hello.”

Quinn grew up in Los Angeles, California. Massie remembered being close with Quinn when they were young, but as Quinn and Massie got older they lost touch. Massie kept track of her cousin through social media, Quinn was always off at some fabulous party or concert, definitely part of LA’s it crowd.

Massie walked through the open French doors that led out onto the front deck. All around her were her parents’ colleagues, and friends, but there was no sign of Quinn. Massie decided to get a drink while she waited. As she made her way over to the refreshment table she felt a sudden shift in the conversation. It was as if everyone was still talking to each other, but they were distracted by some greater force.

Turning to look at what everyone was hypnotized by, Massie saw a model tall girl walking towards her. The girl had long blonde beach waves and messy bangs that swept just over her sea green eyes. Her sun kissed skin made the dark features of her makeup stand out and her outfit was one that you might see Kendall Jenner wearing to Coachella.

“M, it’s so good to see you,” the girl said with a smile so white it belonged in a toothpaste commercial. She reached her tanned arm around Massie, pulling her into a side embrace. She smelled like a Hawaiian breeze and Massie couldn’t help but feel a little intimidated by her strikingly gorgeous cousin. “Hey Q, it’s been so long how’ve you been?”

Quinn smiled, “We have a lot of catching up to do. Let’s go for a walk.” Massie followed her cousin down the steps of the deck and began walking closer to the water. The Block’s Southampton Estate was right on the ocean which made for a breathtaking sunset view.

“So I heard there’s a party down a little ways. Cute guys, great dancing. We’ll still be able to see the fireworks too. You in?”

Leave it to Quinn to be here five seconds and already be more in the know than me. Massie thought. However she played it off as if she knew exactly what Quinn was talking about.

“Sounds rad. I’m in!” Massie said, trying to imitate Q’s West Coast lingo. Massie liked how spontaneous and confident Quinn came across. Maybe she could learn a few things from the West Coast queen.

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“If you feel like you’re the spark then come out of the dark!” Massie and the rest of the people at the party sang along to Selena Gomez’s song Me and the Rhythm as they danced around on the sand. “I love this song!” Massie yelled over the music to Quinn, who stood swaying her hips and holding her red solo cup in the air.

“I was there when she sang this song!” Quinn shouted back.

“At her concert?” Massie breathed, out of breath from dancing. “No at her house in LA! ” Quinn said nonchalantly, continuing to dance next to Massie. Massie widened her eyes, “No way!”

Quinn laughed, “Yeah, you should come to LA for a few weeks and I’ll show you around! I fly back tomorrow night, you should totally join!” Massie put her hands on her hips and began to catch her breath. “I don’t know,” she breathed, “I’d have to see-” “Come on, M! Don’t think. Just act!” Quinn grinned and started dancing with one of the many guys who had shown interest in her at the party.

Massie thought about it. What an adventure LA would be. Maybe she would just act. Spontaneity was Quinn’s specialty, and Massie had told herself she could learn a few things from her.

“Okay, I’m in!” She said, more to herself then anything. Quinn laughed & pulled Massie back into the middle of the group where they danced awhile longer, and watched the fireworks above the ocean. Massie realized that this was only the beginning of her adventures with Quinn, and that made her feel like she really was the spark.


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Somewhere On a Beach

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Southampton Beach, NY

March 31, 2016

7:55 P.M.


Massie pulled a lock of chestnut hair away from her face as the beach breeze played with the flyaways that slipped out of her messy ponytail. She set down the book that she was reading to admire the stunning sunset that played out before her. It was hard to imagine that this time next week instead of sipping iced teas and enjoying gorgeous beach views, Massie would be back in a classroom studying for the ACT and stressing over midterm papers. However, all good things must come to an end including spring break.

For the past five days the only thing Massie had to stress over was which pair of Tory Burch sandals she should wear to go shopping. Southampton was just what Massie needed to get her mind off of all the pressure that came with graduating in two months. Plus, all the boutiques downtown had the best to offer when it came to Prom accessories.

As the sun began to slip down over the horizon, Massie began packing up her beach tote and slipped on her sandals. Walking up the boardwalk that led back to the Block’s beachfront Southampton home, Massie couldn’t help but feel her heart drop a little thinking about leaving this place. She had always told her friends that Spring Break was just a tease for summer. However, now more than ever she believed those words. Spring Break had been perfect, aside from the fact that she missed her girls.

Once the alpha finally reached the beach house she slipped off her sandals and stepped inside onto the cherry oak floors. Massie took one last glance at the breathtaking sunset before shutting the front door to the house. She only had a few more days left in paradise, and the idea of going home already made her stomach knot up. She wished that she could stay hidden somewhere on a beach forever. However, paradise doesn’t last forever and neither does a fabulous Spring Break.

It’ll be good to get back though, back to Westchester with the girls, and school she told herself. At the start of her senior year Massie was always told, “It goes by fast, so make sure to enjoy it,” or “You’re going to miss it when it’s gone, so don’t take one second for granted.” It was funny that they say that, because the only thing that Massie wanted more than Spring Break to last forever, was to graduate already and explore the world.

Massie thought of her senior year as the sunsets that she loved to watch at the beach. In the moment of the sunset it seems as if it will last forever, the sun taking it’s time to sink down below the horizon. But once the sun goes away and it grows dark, you want nothing more than to watch the sun set again. Massie knew that her senior year, although long and relentless, would eventually disappear. And once it finally came to an end, she knew that just like the sunset she would want nothing more than to replay it over and over again.


W e l c o m e  B a c k !

~This post is long overdue I know! I’ve been super busy with my own senior year though, so I apologize for not posting often.

~The title of this song is actually inspired by a country song that I listened to with my cousin over Spring Break! It makes me think of good Spring Break memories.

~This post was fun to write, it was inspired by some of my own personal feelings. I am currently a senior in high school and like Massie I want nothing more than to graduate already. My Spring Break was last week, and as written in the post I wish it would last forever because right now I would give anything for another break.

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Santa Tell Me


The Block Estate

November 30, 2015

7:45 P.M.


Massie Block skipped down the marble staircase in her aloe infused B&B socks. The Block estate was dressed in its full Christmas attire with red bows hanging from the banister and soft glowing lights stringed around every corner. The Block’s decorator had come the previous day bearing the season’s most stylish decorations. Massie plopped down onto the cream colored sofa in the Block’s living room. She stared out the big windows that overlooked the front yard and horseshoe drive up. A fresh blanket of snow covered the estate causing it to look like a life size gingerbread house.

Pulling a knitted afghan around herself, Massie stretched out her legs on the couch. The fire place crackled as Inez, the Block’s beloved housekeeper, walked in and added another log to the fire before disappearing back into the kitchen. Massie inhaled deeply and smiled as the aroma of iced gingerbread cookies filled her head. Christmas songs played softly in the background as Massie opened up her Kate Spade planner and pulled out her iPad 4 mini to transfer her December plans onto the tablet. Her silver and gold manicured nails swiped across the screen as she inserted all the month’s activities. She couldn’t help but smile as she excitedly thought about all the fun things she and the Pretty Committee had planned for the upcoming month.

This Saturday the girls would get an early start on Christmas shopping, making a trip into the city to shop at all the downtown Manhattan shoppes and boutiques. The following weekend the girls made plans to shop for Christmas Eve dresses and go ice skating. The list also contained plans to have a Friday night sleepover watching old Christmas classics and making gingerbread houses and other tasty treats.

Once the alpha had finished putting the agenda into her planner she sent out the list as an attachment in the PC’s group chat. Her friends quickly replied with “Can’t wait!” and “Eeek so excited!” Massie set her down iPad and reached for the tiny remote that controlled the sound system. She cranked up the volume when one of her favorite Christmas songs came on. She jumped up off the couch and grabbed her black pug Bean into her arms. She sang along to the chorus of Ariana Grande’s “Santa Tell Me,” while spinning Bean around the room and dancing to the beat.

By the time the song had ended she had collapsed on the floor with her puppy by her side. Massie began to laugh as she realized how ridiculous she must have looked dancing around the room in her Victoria’s Secret flannel pajamas. Massie sat up, turning the volume back down, and picking up Bean. “Bean this is going to be the best Christmas ever!” She said before squealing and skipping into the kitchen to snack on a gingerbread cookie.

christmas, Cookies, and food image


M A S S I E ‘ S  M E N T I O N S

~Here’s a Christmas-y post to get you in the spirit! Happy December! Personally I am super excited for this month and all that comes with it. Christmas time is such a fun time for me at my house and I cannot wait for this Christmas and Winter Break! (:

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Pieces Into Place

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The Block Estate Massie’s Room

October 21, 2015

9:05 P.M.


Massie Block took a sip of her chai tea before tossing yet another piece of sugar free candy corn into her mouth. The bag laid next to her folded legs as she sat atop of her white duvet with her Macbook Air in front of her. Massie was attempting to type up her AP English paper that was due in approximately three hours, however the newest episode of The Vampire Diaries that was streaming on her flat screen TV was quite distracting. The screen lighting up on her iPhone 6s caught her eye and she quickly jumped off the queen bed.

Padding over to her desk she unplugged the phone from the charger and scrolled through her notifications. The girls in the Pretty Committee had completely blown up her phone with group chat messages. “Typical,” Massie said giggling as she read through the texts. The girls had been desperately trying to settle on an idea for their weekend plans. Massie had picked the top two to make the decision from. A. Haunted House at the Scare Grounds on Friday night or B. A trip to the pumpkin patch on Saturday.

Claire made a good argument, stating that if they went with option A. they could bring boys along to “protect” them from anything remotely scary. “It’s the perfect opportunity to get the boy’s attention! What guy doesn’t love wrapping their arms around screaming girls?” However, Massie agreed with Alicia about leaning towards option B as well. Alicia argued that they would have so many more photo ops for Instagram if they went to the pumpkin patch.

Massie weighed out the options. She liked Alicia’s idea, but Claire would probably end up bringing Derrick along to the Pumpkin Patch and they would take so many adorable yet gross boyfriend-girlfriend pictures that it would make her want to barf. Yet, Claire would still bring Derrick to the haunted house and the last thing Massie wanted was to spend her Friday night watching Claire play scared and hide her face in Derrick’s annoyingly hot letter jacket.

She shook her head trying to clear the images of Derrick and Claire. It was still so weird thinking of the two of them as a couple. She assured Claire that it was perfectly fine if she wanted to date her ex, but in the bottom of her stomach it still gave Massie a weird feeling.

Her manicured fingers flew across the keyboard, finally coming to a conclusion.

Massiekur: Girls get your flannels and skinny jeans ready. We’re going to the pumpkin patch.

Exiting out of the group chat and plugging her phone back in Massie padded back over to her bed. She reached down and picked up her black pug Bean and set her in her lap. Stroking the puppy’s velvety soft head Massie scrolled through Claire’s Instagram page on her Macbook Air. Pictures of Claire and Derrick at Homecoming, Claire and Derrick at the park, Claire and Derrick carving pumpkins. “Ew!” Massie groaned before slamming her computer shut.

“Bean, why am I letting this get to me so much?” Massie asked her puppy looking into her chocolate brown eyes. Bean licked her nose and blankly stared back. “No, Bean it is nawt because I still have feelings for Derrick!” Bean continued to stare, “It’s time to start a new chapter, without Derrick. Time to show him what he’s missing.” Massie smiled as she got a brilliant idea. Derrick was always one to want what he couldn’t have, so all she had to do was use that to her advantage.


M A S S I E ‘ S  M E N T I O N S

~So this post was a little spontaneous. I was not planning to post, but I had a little bit of a break in my busy schedule and decided to write since I’ve been missing WordPress so so much.

~Fall and Winter are my favorite times of year on WordPress so as busy as my schedule is I’m going to try and stay away from the awful ‘H’ word (that’s hiatus if you were unaware) and try my absolute best to be as active as possible.

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~On a personal note I got to go to the 1989 World Tour and see Taylor Swift in concert last weekend! For those of you who don’t know me, Taylor is my biggest inspiration and role model so I was so stoked that I got to see her perform. My cousin and I actually got to meet some of her backup dancers which was really cool! (click here for pics.) Just thought that’d be fun to share with you all!

~ANYWAY I miss and love you all so much! I hope you’re all doing well, and I hope to talk with everyone soon!

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New Beginnings

Octavian Country Day HS

August 31, 2015

7:55 A.M.


Massie Block smoothed down her black Ralph Lauren blazer before taking one last look in the mirror of the downstairs girl’s restroom. It was the reigning alpha’s last first day of high school and she couldn’t seem to shake the butterflies in her stomach. Massie checked her Michael Kors watch, 7:55 it read, which meant she had exactly five minutes until she would join her best friends at the school’s Starbucks cafe and listen to how fabulous everyone’s summer had gone.

Before entering the halls she made sure that her faded J.Crew skinnies were neatly rolled up to her ankles. Massie stepped out of the lady’s room and model walked towards her locker. She noticed a few gawking freshmen girls standing a few rows down desperately seeking her attention. Massie smirked before offering them an “I know you’re there now move on,” look. The alpha pulled out a few Kate Spade spiral notebooks and tucked them under her arm after scanning her schedule one last time and then closing her locker door.

She glided down the marble hallways towards the Starbucks kiosk where she could already see Alicia, Dylan and Kristen sitting at a table waiting for her. Once she reached the cafe she placed her books on the table and slid into the seat between Alicia and Dylan, leaving Kristen across from her.

“Hola Mass!” Alicia said giving the alpha a side hug. The girls excitedly greeted their friend and began chatting away about their summer adventures. Dylan had spent the summer at her mother’s beach house in Hawaii, “The view we had was unbelievable, I wish you guys could have been there!”She raved.

Dylan pulled out her gold iPhone 6 and showed her friends the pictures she had snapped. “Ooh who’s this Dyl?” Massie said teasingly as she reached a picture of the redhead in a sundress next to a strikingly good looking boy with a surfboard. Dylan quickly snatched the phone out of Massie’s Essie manicured hands and turned a shade of crimson. “He was just a friend,” she said as she stuffed her phone into her Armani messenger bag.

“Just a friend,” Alicia laughed as she put air quotes around the words. Dylan elbowed Kristen who couldn’t stop laughing. “Well what about you Kris, meet any H.A.R.T.’s this summer?” Dylan asked, attempting to change the subject. “Ugh, I wish. All I did this summer was work on college applications and apply for scholarships.” She whined. Alicia gave Kristen a pat on the back and nodded her head as if she could totally relate.

“Hey has anyone seen Claire?” Massie asked suddenly realizing that the Pretty Committee wasn’t complete. The three other girls shook their heads looking just as confused, but went back to their conversation. Once the girls were done with their iced coffees the first bell rang and they began to peel off, going their separate ways and telling each other goodbye until lunch.

As Massie walked by herself to her first period class she couldn’t help but think about how strange it was for Claire to be MIA. The girls always met up before class on the first day, and it was unlike Claire to ignore tradition. Not to mention how Massie was still curious of what Claire’s summer had consisted of. The two friends had hardly talked all summer long.

  Massie rounded the corner that led to the atrium. However, she stopped dead in her tracks before reaching the stairs. It felt as if all the blood in her body rushed right to her face as she saw what was in front of her. Quickly she hid behind one of the school’s fake plants to remain unnoticed.

Claire Lyons twirled a strand of honey blonde hair around her finger as she giggled up at the boy who held her hand. His sun bleached hair was messy and tousled. He wore dark wash jeans, and a light blue Polo button down that brought out the flecks of green in his eyes. Derrick Harrington flashed a knowing little half smile as Claire whispered something to him, and when Claire kissed him on the cheek and waved goodbye, Massie’s heart dropped.

 Massie squeezed back a little further between the plant and the locker hoping Derrick hadn’t seen her and trying to compose the shock written on her face before having to walk in late to her first period class. Suddenly, Massie felt as if Claire hadn’t missed the conversation this morning at Starbucks. Now Massie knew exactly what Claire had been doing all summer.

Daydreaming♥ | via Tumblr

Massie’s Mentions

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Small World

pegasus pool float

London Condo Pool

July 11, 2015

1:30 P.M.

“Would you like a refill?” Massie Block peeked from behind her tortoiseshell printed sunglasses, and looked up at the server who held a shiny tray of virgin strawberry daiquiris. “Of course,” Massie flashed a laser whitened smile at the girl, and traded her near empty drink for a fuller glass. It was the alpha’s day off, and what better way to spend a warm summer’s day than at the Condo’s outdoor pool tanning and sipping on sweetness. Massie had spent the majority of her morning and afternoon luxuriously sprawled across a white lounger near the side of the pool soaking in sun, and occasionally checking out London HARTS.

A buzz on her iPhone 6 alerted her of a new caller. Massie looked at the screen to see who the caller was; Vogue London Offices. Swiping the screen to answer, she lifted the phone up to her ear. “Massie Block speaking,” she answered confidently. “Good afternoon Miss Block, this is Celia McAdams calling from the Vogue London Offices,” her British accent was clear and professional. “I apologize if I’m interrupting anything, however if you’re free we’d love for you to come in and get acquainted as well as show you around the office.”

Massie sat up in her seat, she hadn’t been to the Vogue Offices yet, and having the chance to get a private tour of the building sparked her interest. Before answering Massie composed herself hoping to sound as professional as Celia. “Yes, I’ll have to some plans,” even though the only “plans” she had made were tanning and binge watching Gossip Girl reruns, “But I think that would work.”

“Will 3:15 do?” Celia asked, “That works for me!” Massie cursed herself for sounding so eager, You’re a professional re-mem-ber.

“Perfect, I’ll see you then.”


Massie took one last look in the mirror before walking out of the pristine Vogue restroom where she had taken shelter at the moment. In the mirror stared back an unsure face. Her outfit for the day was a Taylor Swift meets Brandy Melville look, and her makeup was focused on covering the insecurity written all over her face. Taking deep breathes Massie applied one last final coat of Glossip Girl’s Passionfruit lip gloss before stepping out.

“Hello, I’m here to meet Celia McAdams.” Massie said to the secretary in the lobby. The secretary shuffled through some papers before clicking a button on her headset, “Ms. McAdams, I have a Massie Block here to see you.” The secretary nodded at Massie before smiling and telling her to head on up.

Just as the silver doors of the elevator began to close Massie saw what seemed to be a familiar blonde rushing into the lobby. “Eh. Ma. Gawd.” Massie mumbled under her breath, just as the doors of the elevator fully closed. It couldn’t be. Frantically trying to calm herself before the elevator reached the fifth floor, Massie couldn’t help but feel uneasy.


The elevator doors slid open revealing a bustling fifth floor. Important looking people wearing suits and pencil skirts rushed all around, blown up covers from the magazine’s previous issues hung framed on the wall, and offices provided for only the best of the best filled the hallways.

“Miss Block,” a clear and familiar British accent rang out. A model thin strawberry blonde stood before her. For some reason she reminded Massie of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, with her naturally high cheek bones and lips that Kylie Jenner always wanted.

“Celia McAdams, pleasure.” Massie shook her outstretched hand and offered up her best I’m doing better than ever thanks for asking smile. “Let’s take a look around shall we?” Vogue was like an entire new world. Massie smiled at how her thirteen year old self would react if she were offered this opportunity.

“And last on the tour will be your office.” Massie’s amber eyes widened, “I get my own office?” Celia chuckled, “Why of course, see for yourself.” Massie peeked into the office, it was everything she had always dreamed of having, complete with a window that looked across all of London.

“I’m here, I’m here!” Massie spun around quickly, instantly feeling dizzy. “Miss Lyons, you are late. Again.” Celia said unamused. “Miss Block this is one of our photography interns that you will get to work with for the summer, Miss Lyons meet Massie Block.”

Claire’s cornflower blue eyes were as big as saucers.

“Yeah we know each other Ce- Ms. McAdams.” “Really? Small world. Now, before we end I’m going to hand out your itinerary’s for the summer… ” Massie tuned her out as she rambled on. Claire hadn’t seen Massie as her “old self” since the PC’s fallout. What would she think of Massie now? Claire had been with Massie through thick and thin, but seeing her so insecure was a first.

“Meet me here Monday morning 10:30 A.M. sharp. Don’t be late,” Celia said giving Claire a stern look and regaining Massie’s attention.

Celia left leaving the girls alone in silence. Massie had so many questions to ask her ex-friend, starting with why are you here. Claire suddenly spoke up, “Well, I’d love to stay and chat, but I’ve got some errands to run for the photographer I’m working with. Maybe we’ll catch up some other time?” Claire said before hurriedly walking away.

Well that went well. Finding her way back to the elevator, she decided she’d stop for lunch before returning to her condo. Once she had picked up a sandwich and bottle of Fiji water Massie told the driver to take her home. Deciding to take the marble stairs instead of the elevator, she stopped to check her phone. Just as she was putting her phone back into her pocket she felt herself hit the floor.

The girl who had run into Massie yelled something in Spanish before gathering up her belongings. Standing up to see who ran into her Massie gasped in surprise.


“Small world, huh?” The beta smiled.



Touch Down

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British Airways Flight #244

June 24, 2015

7:45 P.M

“Ladies and gentlemen, as we start our descent, please make sure your seat belt is securely fastened and all carry-on luggage is stowed underneath the seat in front of you or in the overhead bins. We will touch down in London in approximately fifteen minutes. Thank you and enjoy the rest of the flight.” Massie Block heard the flight attendant announce overhead in a clear British accent.

Staring out her window Massie saw the pinks and oranges in the sky from the setting sun. The day had gone by in a blur; a mix of taxis and buses, passports and tickets, and a jumble of numbers and different gates. Massie hardly had any time to acknowledge the lump in her throat and the fear in her stomach of leaving everything familiar behind. The hardest part about leaving everything behind was saying goodbye to her beloved pug, Bean. Unfortunately, Massie had to leave her best friend behind for the summer, but her mother had promised that Massie would be able to video chat with her pup at least once a week.

Massie could still feel the way her stomach had dropped when she kissed her parents goodbye, looking over her shoulder at them as she walked to her gate and prepared to board. It wasn’t that traveling alone scared Massie, she had done it plenty of times, but leaving her old life for Gawd knows what in London terrified her.

A sudden jolt from underneath the plan shook Massie from her thoughts, the wheels on the plane reached the landing strip as they touched down at the London Airport. Massie looked at her reflection from the plane window. Once again she felt her chest tighten when she saw herself. Even her own reflection felt unfamiliar, at least Massie felt it did. According to her mother her overly thought out hair, makeup and outfit proved that she would be getting back to her old self in no time.

Her chestnut waves hung loosely around her face and her tortoise shell printed The Row sunglasses rested on the top of her head. Massie’s outfit included a pair of 90’s vintage high waisted jean shorts, and a simple grey Tencel Tee from Acne Studios. To finish it off she sported her favorite pair of wedges from Steve Madden.

Massie called it a “Kendra Approved Outifit.” Her mother swore that with the right kind of outfit, (shoes especially), that Massie would be ready to take on anything London threw at her. She even started to believe her mother, maybe she really could regain her confidence and start over. She believed her all the way up until it was time to get off the plane and begin her journey.


 Massie’s Steve Madden wedges made little clippity clop sounds on the pavement as she followed her driver towards the shiny black SUV. Riding in style she thought to herself, and a small smile formed on her face when the driver opened the back door of the SUV. Massie felt like royalty, and that made a glimmer of hope appear inside her somewhere. Maybe this summer wouldn’t be so bad after all. Massie decided to relax and enjoy the ride unlike she had on the plane.

The London cityscape flashed all around in a blur, Massie couldn’t help but feel like a kid in the candy store. She had always admired the elegance of England, and being here for an entire summer excited her even more. She pictured what might wait for her here; a summer to remember, the time of her life, everything she could hope for. The possibilities were limitless.

Suddenly the vehicle came to a stop in front of a white stone building with balconies around each window and neat little flower beds along the sidewalk. Massie slipped on her shades and slung her Prada Top Zip Tote on her arm. Gracefully stepping out of the SUV she looked around her, this part of the city seemed calm and quiet. In the distance she could see that the city was still wide awake and in full swing. Taxis and buses zoomed by, and the people walking past the bakeries and shoppes all seemed to have somewhere important to be. This was Massie’s kind of city.

Maybe her mother was right, maybe with the right kind of shoes she would be ready for anything London threw at her. “Only one way to find out,” she though out loud, and with that Massie stepped into the lobby of what would be her home for the next two and a half months.


Massie’s Mentions

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Where It All Starts

The Block Estate

June 20, 2015

2:53 A.M.

Massie Block tiptoed into the Block’s kitchen trying not to knock anything over in the pitch black room. With her stiletto heels in her hand she quietly shut the back door behind her, trying to be as sneaky as she could. She knew she was way past curfew and she was too tired to have to deal with another one of her mother’s lectures. Massie felt the back of her hair sticking to her sweaty neck and as she passed the hallway mirror she saw what a mess she truly was.

Her hair had gone flat due to the hot summer night air, and the makeup around her eyes was smeared. Ever since the second semester of school Massie had begun to change. The Pretty Committee drifted apart, each girl going her separate ways with the things she prioritized most. Without her best friends by her side Massie had no sense of direction. She began making all the wrong friends, staying out later each night, and losing the prep that used to occupy her step.

Looking at her red lips and heavily lined eyes (Massie secretly referred to the style as ‘racoon eyes.’) in the mirror she felt as if she didn’t even know whose reflection was staring back at her. Suddenly a lamp flickered on, and Massie felt her stomach drop.

“Massie. Elizabeth. Block.” Kendra Block’s voice was rigid, stopping after saying each name. Massie rolled her eyes before turning to her mother and looking at her with a wicked smirk, “That’s it folks, party’s over. The warden’s back.” Massie’s voice went flat when referring to her mother as the warden.

“Massie, please.” Kendra said trying to keep her voice calm. “You think it’s easy for me, playing the bad guy?” Massie folded her arms across her chest as she listened to her mother’s well rehearsed lecture. “I just want to know what happened. What made you change? You’ve never acted out like this before!” Massie bit her lip, holding back a snarky response, before her mother continued.

“Your father and I have been discussing some ideas, and we think that it would be best if..well if you went somewhere else for the summer. Maybe a little vacation would get your mind off things and things might-” “Might what mom?! Go back to ‘normal?'” Massie made sure to put air quotes around the word normal. “I’m not that perfect little thirteen year old anymore mom, I’m someone else! I don’t spend all my time obsessing over fashion and popularity anymore, sorry to disappoint.” She said bitterly.

“Just listen, please.” Kendra held up a hand as if that would stop Massie from arguing.

“Awhile back you had applied to that Vogue internship, the one in London. You were accepted, if you didn’t already know, and well your father and I think it would be best if you took it. You could stay in our old condo in London, and I think working for a magazine would be fun!” Kendra forced a small smile. “And if I don’t want to take the internship?” Massie snapped.

“You’ll just have to live with it, because we’ve already booked your flight ticket and made the arrangements. You’ll be staying in London for the summer whether you like it or not. Your flight leaves Sunday morning.” And with that Kendra turned the lamp back off and walked out, leaving Massie alone in the darkness.


Massie sat on the marble counter in her bathroom as she started taking off her makeup. Thinking about being sent away for the summer made her feel relieved and depressed all at the same time. Wiping off the last remains of her racoon eyes, Massie looked in the mirror at her bare face. Her amber eyes, always so full of ambition, looked hollow and empty.

Massie’s chest tightened knowing that all her life she had felt as if she lived under a mask, never letting it slip, never showing her flaws and imperfections, never revealing herself. However when she was with the Pretty Committee she felt like she could take a piece of the mask off, getting a little bit closer to who she really was. Since the Pretty Committee was no more, not only had she lost her best friends, but she lost herself too. And that made her feel more alone than ever.

Out of despair Massie picked up her iPhone 6, scrolling through her contacts before clicking on a familiar name. Alicia Rivera.

Massie Block: I don’t know what to say except I miss you. Can we talk, it’s kind of an emergency.

Massie set her phone on the counter as she stood up and looked at her reflection one more time. They say that in order to find yourself you have to lose yourself first. However, losing herself would mean revealing what was underneath the mask, but Massie didn’t know what was underneath, she didn’t even know who she was anymore, and that scared her more than anything.

Massie’s Mentions

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Twas the Night before Christmas

people change, memories don't

The Block Estate

December 24, 2014

8:45 P.M.

“Alright, last one girls!” Kendra Block announced as she held her iPhone 6 in her manicured fingers and snapped a picture. “You girls look darling!” She said as she scrolled through the numerous photos that she had taken of her daughter and her friends under the massive Christmas tree in the living room. Massie rolled her eyes, her cheeks hurt from smiling so much and her feet were beginning to blister from her Jimmy Choo pumps. However, it was tradition that the Pretty Committee get multiple Christmas Eve pictures taken, and not even Massie could argue with tradition.

“Thank you girls, we’re finished..for now,” Kendra said smiling a Crest White Strip smile. Massie looked at her best friends as they began to relax and massage their cheeks. Christmas Eve was one of their favorite nights spent together. The girls would always meet at Massie’s house on Christmas Eve for a small party the Block’s were hosting. Once most of the guests went home the girls would exchange one gift from each other before changing into their P.J.’s and watching Christmas classics in the Block’s screening room. The next morning the girls would come back over to Massie’s to finish opening presents from each other.

Massie ran a polished hand over her red satin dress, hoping to smooth any wrinkles. The dress was a personal favorite, ordered specifically for tonight. The way that the material hugged her narrow hips complimented her figure, and Massie adored the way that the dress fanned out around her when she twirled around. However, Massie wasn’t the only one who looked stunning tonight.

The Pretty Committee looked nothing but ah-mazing tonight in their designer wear. Dylan wore a forest green black lace embroidered knee-length gown, and accessorized with some of her mother’s black diamond jewelry. Kristen sported a navy blue mini, covered in sequins that accented her aqua eyes. Alicia wore a rich purple, one shoulder cocktail dress that she pulled off perfectly. Finally, Claire had chosen a soft pink strapless baby doll style dress with nude pumps.

Seeing her best friends all together gave Massie “the feeling.” The feeling where she got a warm sensation in the bottom of her stomach, like she couldn’t be happier that these people were her best friends. Massie linked arms with them as she pulled them onto the makeshift dance floor set up in the foyer, “Come on ladies, it’s time we show everyone how to really have a good time.”

The girls bobbed and swayed to the beat of the music as some of the other girls their age watched them in awe, wishing they could be as fabulous. The PC laughed at each others ridiculous dance moves until tears streamed down their eyes and their stomach’s hurt. It was at that time that Massie felt like the luckiest girl in the world, and she realized that there wasn’t anything that she could get for Christmas that could make her feel this happy.

Kristina Andersen

The Block Estate

December 24, 2014

9:55 P.M.

“Girls time for presents!” Kendra called from the bottom of the stairs. “Presents!” The girls squealed as they hurriedly changed out of their formal wear and into their favorite Christmas Eve P.J’s. Massie chose a pair of red plaid flannel shorts with ruffles around the bottom and an oversize cashmere sweater. In her hand she held a cup of tea while she waited for the rest of her friends to pull on their H&M sweats.

The girls raced down the buffed wood steps, and laughed whenever Claire nearly slipped because of the slippery floor. Massie curled up on the Block’s couch next to Alicia and Kristen, and waited for it to be their turn to open a gift. Tradition stated that they were only allowed to open one gift on Christmas Eve. The remainder of the gifts were to be opened the next morning.

“This one is from Massie,” Dylan announced as she picked a delicately wrapped gift out from under the tree. Dylan carefully pulled the wrapping paper back, before deciding to just rip into the present. She used her teeth to untie the bow, and Massie enjoyed watching her face light up when she uncovered her gift. “Awe, Mass!” Dylan smiled as she held up an Urban Decay Naked Palette, some Real Techniques Brushes, and a Tory Burch iPhone case. The redhead stood up and embraced Massie “Thank you M, I love it!”

Massie grinned a genuine smile, it made her happy that her friend was so thrilled with her gift. Just as Claire was about to go next, the doorbell rang. “I wonder who that could be,” Kendra said trying to hide a hint of annoyance at having to miss another photo op of Claire opening her gift. “It’s okay mom, I’ll get it!” Massie said hopping up out of her seat.

She padded down the tiled hallway and up to the large front door of the house. Still holding her mug of tea, Massie turned the polished knob to the door. The chilly air caused goosebumps to spring up on her exposed legs when she opened the door. Massie almost dropped her mug of tea when she saw the boy standing on her doorstep. White flakes of snow landed in his messy black hair, and his cheeks were a bright shade of pink from the cold night air.

“Landon Crane?”